IOTA eXtension Interface (IXI) modules bring modularity into Ict.
These modules allow developers to easily create functions or apps that will interact with Ict, without worrying about the way information is transmitted in the network. This is what makes Ict so versatile and useful for a wide range of applications.
As IXIs transmit their payload (token, data, messages,…) through the Ict network, these transactions directly inherit the properties of the Tangle. Therefore, all transactions carried out by the modules are fee-less, instantaneous, decentralized and immutable. By extension, all applications created using IXIs are therefore censorship-resistant and persistent in the network.
If you are a developer yourself and want to participate by creating your module, see the complete IXI documentation on IOTA Foundation’s github.

Official Modules

These modules are developed by the IOTA Foundation. Usually you would find them in the “Supported modules” list of Ict’s graphical user interface.

Bridge.ixi represents the interface which allows modules written in any programming language to interact with the underlying infrastructure. By giving everyone the opportunity to participate with their desired programming language, Bridge.ixi will help grow the module ecosystem as well as have positive impact on the overall development.

Repository: iotaledger/bridge.ixi
Up-to-date: Yes
More info: Introducing Ict 0.6 and Bridge.ixi

This IXI module allows users in the Ict network to exchange messages on a permissionless, distributed data-integrity protocol – the Tangle.

Repository: iotaledger/chat.ixi
Up-to-date: Yes

This module implements the Economic Clustering consensus. During the development phase of Ict, this module is hard-coded in Ict’s core. It will be ported into an IXI module afterward so users can chose which consensus protocol they want to use.

Repository: iotaledger/ec.ixi
Up-to-date: Yes
More: Guide for using this IXI

This IXI links arbitrary data with any number of other data pieces. As a result, it circumvents the usual limit of transactions that can be referenced. This module is required for the good operation of Qubic.

Repository: iotaledger/graph.ixi
Up-to-data: Yes

This module pairs Ict nodes automatically with other available nodes. It relies in a central server operated by Microhash to assign a neighbor to participating Ict devices. The next version will get rid of the central server to operate in a proper decentralized way.

Repository: mikrohash/ictinder
Up-to-date: Yes
Remark: It is highly recommanded to keep one or two static neighbors as long as IcTinder is still in beta. This will ensure a proper connection will alaways remain in case of issues with IcTinder.

The purpose of serialization ixi is to provide a simple way to store/exchange structured data on the tangle.

Repository: iotaledger/serialization.ixi
Up-to-date: In development

This module helps to find the confidence interval of the time at which a transaction was issued with reasonable accuracy. This IXI is a requirement for the good operation of Qubic.

Repository: iotaledger/timestamping.ixi
Up-to-date: Yes

Commercial Modules

These modules are developed by commercial entities to run their applications.

This IXI module handles the data related to the paracosm universe and their games.

Repository: In development
Up-to-data: N/A

Community Modules

These modules are developed by independent developers of the IOTA community.

This IXI module collects metrics about the Ict instance running it and reports those data to an external service. These data are then opened to the public through and API and allow other developers to provide extra services such as visualizers and monitoring tools.

Repository: trifel/Report.ixi
Up-to-date: Yes

This modules acts as a ZMQ subscription service for Ict nodes.

Repository: https://gitlab.com/Stefano_Core/iota-ixi-zeromq
Up-to-date: No

This IXI interfaces with a Sense HAT connected to a Raspberry Pi in order to flash the LEDs each time a transaction is received.

Repository: jul1to/sense-hat.ixi
Up-to-date: No

A poker game running on Ict.

Repository: ixuz/Poker.ixi
Up-to-date: N/A (in development)

Would you like to add your IXI on this list? We will be more than happy to help!